just feeling like a bit of a rant / it seems to me deeply unfair, what’s been done to London Metropolitan / I just wonder how many Conservative politicans, when they were at University, attended every lecture / I guess that they could speak English (after a fashion) …

2 thoughts on “punishment

  1. I think there were certainly major shortcomings at LMU, and it would probably justify revoking (at least temporarily) their licence for future non-EU students, but the impact on current students is horrific and should be protested. I also worry about LMU being targetted as it serves local students who for whatever reason can’t go to uni away from home, I would worry if that provision is lost.

  2. There are students who have studied for two years at LMU who are being told they cannot continue. Why not simply stop LMU from taking on any new foreign students.

    It is unfair on those who have already started their courses to be told that they can’t continue.

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