one of the glories of our garden is this agapanthus / friends came round yesterday to help to tidy our garden / which is much appreciated, though difficult for me, who should really have been keeping the place tidier in the first place / and one result is that the agapanthus isn’t crowded by other plants (which I’m told were, anyway, sort of weeds) …

3 thoughts on “aGapanthus

  1. How beautiful! I’ve never had any luck with agapanthus – in my London garden I planted one I’d bought at the Eden Project, which grew plenty of leaves but never flowered, and now in Stirling I planted two out earlier this year. One has leaves but no flowers, the other never took at all.

  2. I do like agapanthus – they grow so well in most parts of Oz that they are regarded as weeds by many actually (and listed as noxious weeds in some areas) – but I love ’em! They’re basically seen as unkillable here, particularly the good old bog standard purples.

  3. As Miss Lisa says, they are a noxious weed here in many areas. A christmas flower here. I like the very deep purple/blue which are very intense in their colour. White as well. It’s hard to imaging anyone having trouble with these. A bit of sunlight, and occasional water when established and they are off.

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